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Drager Fps 7000 Full Face Mask

Drager Fps 7000 Full Face Mask

The Dräger FPS 7000 full face mask sets new standards in terms of safety and user comfort for use in fire fighting, emergency services and mining applications.

Comfortable operation with double sealing line

The mask, which fits into different head and face shapes, has double sealing lines providing maximum safety

System integration

The product offers a choice of masks with different connections and attachment systems (such as belts and helmet adapters), but perfectly fits the systems (helmets, respirators and breathing apparatus) (compressed air breathing apparatus, closed-loop breathing apparatus or filters).

Safe and innovative mask-helmet combination

Thanks to the newly developed adapter, the Dräger FPS 7000 offers greater safety. For example, when the Dräger HPS 6200 firefighter helmet is used in combination with a breathing mask, the newly developed patented Dräger Q-fix connection prevents accidental opening of the fastening element.

Innovative, integrated accessories

The newly developed Dräger FPS-COM communication system perfectly fits the design and ergonomics of the mask. The product can be selected with different modules depending on the requirements and provides an optimum solution for any communication needs. Whether you’re using a radio, an audio amplifier, or an LED indicator, everything can be directly integrated into the mask and can be easily used.

Modular product concept tailored to customer needs

The product, which is more flexible than the previous models, has options to suit different needs and preferences.

Nearly natural field of view

The glass geometry, combined with improved wearability, ensures that the mask has a larger field of view than previous models and offers a wider angle of view through distorted polycarbonate glasses. Thanks to the gracefully designed air circulation, the windows are not misted and are available with different types of coatings.

Mask bodies of different sizes

To make it possible to use it with maximum safety for different face shapes and lengths, the Dräger FPS 7000 allows you to select the mask body (interior mask) from three different lengths. Its medium size resembles that of Panorama Nova, which has been tried and tested all over the world for a long time.