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Drager Panorama Nova Full Face Mask

Drager Panorama Nova Full Face Mask

The Panorama Nova full face mask has been used by millions of users worldwide for many years. The product has been tried and used safely by firefighters and miners in numerous applications with compressed air breathing apparatus or closed circuit breathing apparatus.

Comfortable operation with double sealing line

The mask, which fits into different head and face shapes, has double sealing lines providing maximum safety

Robust and durable

Over the years, the mask has been successfully used in all kinds of extreme and harsh conditions where different user groups (industry, firefighters, mining) work, and have relied on many different abrasive effects.

Many different ways of use

Panorama Nova can be used as standard or high-pressure mask with fire extinguishers, mining applications and filters in industrial applications, together with compressed air breathing apparatus, air line systems and closed-circuit breathing apparatus with different connection options.

System integration

The product offers a choice of masks with different connections and attachment systems (such as belts and helmet adapters), but perfectly fits into systems (helical, breathing apparatus, breathing apparatus or filters) consisting of helmets, masks and breathing apparatus.